Amedeo Clemente Modigliani (1884-1920) often signed his paintings with his surname "modigliani" written in all lower-case cursive. Some cases can be found where the artist capitalized the "M" of Modigliani.
Unlike most artists who sign the bottom left or right of their canvases, Modigliani often signed the upper edge of his portraits.
Modigliani's signatures can be found in different colors, though he frequently signed his oil paintings with black paint.
Signature is rarely sufficient for authenticating a painting, signatures must be checked, but results must be carefully placed in the correct context. A signature is only one element, and not a determining one, in the process of authentication.
La Juive. Painted circa 1907-1908
Above: "La Juive". Painted circa 1907-1908. Signed 'modigliani' in the upper left. Oil on canvas.
Paul Guillaume. Painted in 1916
A portrait of Paul Guillaume. Oil on cardboard laid down on panel. Signed 'Modigliani' in lower left. Inscribed 'Paul Guillaume' in the upper left.
Jeune femme à la rose (Margherita). Painted in 1916
Oil on canvas "Jeune femme à la rose (Margherita)". Painted in 1916 and signed 'modigliani' in the upper right.
Jeune homme roux assis. Painted in 1919
"Jeune homme roux assis". Painted in 1919 and signed 'modigliani' upper left. Oil on canvas.

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