Modigliani led such a disorderly, messy, discombobulated life, liquor ruled his life so much, he was so desperate for any little bit of money, that there is no telling where many of his paintings and drawings went. Certainly, some of his paintings are still tucked away today in some attics or barns or disaffected backroom of what used to be a bar decades ago. Probably some of his drawings are hidden in between the pages of some old books, in some struggling bookstore, waiting to be purchased for a couple of dollars. Consider that in 1906 for example, he produced 100 drawings every day… That is thousands of drawings in that year alone. Perhaps one of his sculptures is in plain view, halfway covered in moss, in someone’s garden where little grandkids climb on it to jump down. A Modigliani may also be hanging in a bedroom of an old house or apartment, that has been in the same family for two or three generations, where no one has any interest in art and no one has paid any attention to the picture that has always been hanging there.

This is how great paintings are lost. It’s not that the painting is lost but that the memory of what it is, died when the last grand-parent passed.

If you find, discover or inherit a painting that is signed Modigliani or that you happen to recognize as seemingly a Modigliani, you should get it authenticated as soon as possible because the painting is worth 10 to 50 million dollars and the drawing $500,000 or more and let’s not even think about the value of a Modigliani sculpture.

We offer our services to authenticate your Modigliani.

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    We examine Modigliani paintings, drawings and sculptures anywhere in the world except at our office because we cannot get insurance for artworks that have not been authenticated.

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